Restaurant POS Software in Lahore-Karachi-Islamabad-Pakistan

Restaurant POS Software in Lahore-Karachi-Islamabad-Pakistan

#1 Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions

ChecPOS #1 Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions which is a complete restaurant management system for every aspect of your restaurant business operations. From simple inventory control to advanced business intelligence, kitchen management, table layout, table side ordering, and staff management: It enables you to operate single or franchised restaurant chain.

Reduce your customer’s waiting queue with #1 Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions, also optimized for mobile devices. Our technology works with any platform, you’ll get the best unrivaled versatility and live updates by default. That means you’ll get all the features of POS Software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan in just one software and it won’t die mid-use. For restaurants, it efficiently handles your queue order and enables clear communication between them and your kitchen staff. Customer’s orders are fast to enter, and get printed out instantly to your kitchen ticket printer, reducing your table turnover time.


Now Table Management in the palm of your hands with beautiful and interactive drag and drop based interface which allows your to track every table with table timers and color coding.


Let your servers greet your customers with POS handheld devices to take direct orders right from their tables to enhance the customer experience and expedite orders with tableside ordering.


You have connectivity issues ? No worried . This POS works awesome online and it works great offline as well.


Meet your customer needs with a comprehensive sales force management solution with geo fencing.


Our POS Software has built in self service business intelligence which enables you to do fact based decision making.


Staff Attendance, payroll , performance and talent management are greatly handled by our POS.


ChecPOS offers A complete Mobile customer loyalty program to reward your loyal and potential customers.


With this POS Create your online store in one click and manage your all customer profiles , inventory and insights.


From Headoffice to all retail points, manage inventory and supply chain with a single click using POS.

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