Restaurant Cloud POS Software

Checpos Restaurant POS Software is specially designed for Saudi Arabia region based on their needs and requirements. It help you to get complete access of all operations using a single integrated dashboard that provide necessary tools to boost up services and increase the operation efficiency. This system is ideal for inventory control to business sales, table layout to side ordering system, and from kitchen management to restaurant staff management, Checpos help you to control efficiently.

 Customer Loyalty

ChecPOS Mobile Customer Loyalty platform enables you to design your campaigns according to various factors including customer  buying behavior, customer age group, customer location , and other factors which help you to run the promotions.

ChecPOS geo-fancing features automatically detect customer location and send them run time promotions based upon their actual data history with you. Customers can refer you to their loved ones and can score more discounts and points.

Backend Control

ChecPOS backend admin control enables you to manage your products, customers, offers , staff , procurement , accounting , sales , warehouse , orders , CRM and many more with just one login.

Location Tracking

ChecPOS is the only POS Software in the world which provides complete location intelligence to track the delivery of orders . It provides complete map of the drive path and calculate the delivery time automatically . This delivery time is auto updated to customer as well on mobile app.

Full Management Control

With ChecPOS you are in the driver’s seat- right where you should be to drive the growth and expansion of your business. With calculated total cost of ownership, it assures total customization and control in the palm of your hands , enabling you to do magical stuff like staff profiles personalization , inventory tracking, menu items editing, virtual floor plan mock-ups , Table management right from device and more!

70% Retail & Franchise Business Growth

ChecPOS retail POS Software with built in omni-channel and multi-channel franchise management enables your business to grow anywhere in the world with centralized sales automation channel and built in customer loyalty solution . ChecPOS eCommerce enables you to sell your products online anywhere in the world.

Business Intelligence

ChecPOS is packed with powerful reporting engine and dashboards which deliver the right information for you . you can access the actionable insights from any device, anytime and anywhere. It’s active alerts & notifications helps you to stay tuned and take early actions before any event happens.

ChecPOS self service business intelligence features enable business users to develop their own key performance indicators as ChecPOS believe that business user understand their business most.

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