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It is not difficult to steal credit card information. Attackers used different mean ways to store data in magnetic stripe of cards. If we talk about point-of-sale Ram scrapper malware, so many different things comes in our mind. How do we protect our self from malware attack? What necessary measures needed to be taken businesses and vendors from being hacked?

Cyber attacker usually target low security profiles of t PCI-DSS and PA-DS enabled POS Software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan.

Four layer of POS Security

Infection layer

This is first and most important line of defense against POS Ram Scrappers, it safeguard and prevent from initial infection. It blocks pathway of malware before it is going to create damagae

Lateral Layer

Infection layer is failed to safeguard from malware attack. The next layer of lateral identity suspicious malware attack and try to stop it before it is going to spread in whole Retail POS Software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan.

Layer of Data collection

The most common element of POS Ram scrapper attacks involve information of consumer database that stiff network traffic, keylogs and steal sensitive information stored in POS Software.

Data Exfiltration Layer

Consumer important data is only valuable for hackers if its is hacked from point-of-sale software. The final protection layer disconnect point-of-sale software from C&C Servers in case of device is being hack.

Payment Technologies of Next Generation

This is common belief any device that is connected through internet is viewed as soft data target. Entrepreneurs and retailers usually depend on several interplay partner for security of Quick Service POS Software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan such as manufacturers of device, banks, service providers and Security experts  of credit card companies. Strong IT defense plays crucial role in protecting point-of-sale from system breached.

EMV and Chip-based cards  

Master card, Visa and Europay has adopted global standard to equip Integrated Circuit Cards with EMV based chip card that is encrypted with Tracks 1 and Tracks 2 Data on a chip in Card. The EMV based is enabled with cryptogram that gives permissions to bank for the purposes of evaluating modified transaction.  It is then stores counter that gets incremented with each transaction taking place in retail store. EMV based cards interact with Server of POS terminals that is equip with ICC readers and used protocols of EMV-based chip cards protocols for transactions.  Debit cards are not different when it to comes to security parameters of cards. Consumers needs to input PIN for authentication purposes before transaction is processed.

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