Quick Service POS Software in Lahore-Karachi-Islamabad-Pakistan

Quick Service POS Software in Lahore-Karachi-Islamabad-Pakistan

#1 Quick Service POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions

ChecPOS #1 Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions is a comprehensive service management system for every aspect of your quick service business operations. From simple custom menu building, ingredient inventory management to advanced business intelligence, sales operations and staff management, it enables you to run your single or multiple location quick service chain.

For quick facilitating business, you know it is imperative that your business operations executes quickly. In order to accomplish it, automatically keep track of orders that are already begin prepared, correctly modify orders and obtain payment from customers in a timely manner. There is no doubt that this is challenging. However, with quick service POS Software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan things just got a bit easier.

This #1 Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan | System | Company | Solutions allows you to increase your speed without affecting accuracy by ensuring excellent communication between staff members. The overall workflow synchronization we offer eliminate the need for paper receipts. Paper receipts can get misplaced or end up in the wrong sequence. This leads to confusion, followed by frustration. Best available features of quick service POS software are:

  • Custom building menu
  • Multi-location
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • HR & payroll


you can now Create, design, and display your own custom menu with automatic time menu changes for recurring specials or promotions.


Manage multi outlet based franchise network with single application from your Head office


Boost revenue by adding combos and modifiers to your menu, and prompting employees to upsell.


POS has built in self service business intelligence which enables you to do fact based decision making.


Meet your customer needs with a comprehensive sales force management solution with geo fencing.


Staff Attendance, payroll , performance and talent management are greatly handled by POS.


POS offers A complete Mobile customer loyalty program to reward your loyal and potential customers.


With POS Create your online store in one click and manage your all customer profiles , inventory and insights.


From Head office to all quick service points, manage ingredient inventory and supply chain with a single click using POS.

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