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When you intends to buy new POS platform. You’re encounter with wide variety of options. The biggest problem is whether you want to stick with your traditional POS or you’re looking for new iPad platform. There are lot of questions and considerations between choosing from iPad POS to traditional style POS.

Traditional ways

Payment methods

Any POS platform should accept cross platform of payments from debit to credit card. They may also include (NFC) software’s which may accept Google wallet and Apple pay.

Inventory management

It’s very important part of point-of-sale system It seamlessly manage your inventory `differentiating different category of products. It’s become very easier you to reorder particular and protect it for getting waste.

Sales Reporting

A good iPad POS Software in Namibia will create abudance amount of sales report, it will create granular or professional reports. These sales report will identify sales pattern, forecast of growth and difference of high and low level products.

Employee management

It has functionality of keeping record of staff in Quick Service POS Software in Namibia. It will automatically give the attendance report of employees. You can even rotate shift schedules of employee in Point-sale software.

Traditional POS

Fixed location

A Retail POS Software in Namibia is anchored only in location, it is then only accessible through local server. Unfortunately it don’t have functionality of remote desktop.

No internet connection

Traditional POS can be operated without the usage of internet. Whereas its counterpart iPad POS is run through internet connection only.

Cloud-based POS

Paying at Kiosk

Consumer can pay their mobilePOS, which is much faster. It big lines and plenty of customers time. Thus this allows employee to serve in professional manner.

Sales assistance

With iPad POS employees can serve customer on their table by taking their order and feedback regarding service. In this scenario customers are served on their table and it gives them positive sense of satisfactions.

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