Benefits of using Cloud POS Software in your Business

Tradition sales system no doubt was a blast in the past but as the time is passing and evolving into a new era this tradition is rusting and is vulnerable. Cloud POS software is a new technology which is developing day by day and spreading across the retail globe.

Here are some glimpses that may convince you to adopt this system as well.


Tiny or Enormous but when a business is relying on human input or output then there are chances of errors which can lead the consumer, seller or the provider in a big trouble. A point of sale software however is always reliable while making sales; you can maintain a track record through your POS, which in turn allows you and your partners to avoid irrelevant fusses and march through the doors of success.


A POS software records the data of minute to minute transactions taking place and gives the person full control of every corner at a go. A business owner can compare the data and conclude with top of the line inventory management, or analyze on products like, which one is contributing more to the revenue and which, the least.

Remote Control

Leaving business into employees control is not a good step, they are not that concerned as you are! retail pos software gives you the ease to handle your important transaction inch by inch, by any smartphone. A Cloud POS software can be controlled through the Internet, and it is user-friendly as well. It provides you with the details and keeps you engaged with all hustle and bustle going around your store.


Humans are bound to do mistakes, even a tiny amount of mismanagement leads the store or business in vain for instance. These mistakes might be corrected soon but destroys the image! A cloud POS software extinguishes theses fluctuations and guarantees improved customer care and reputation. Maintaining uniformity in prices across all your outlets is a serious section and POS is the most authentic way to attain it.

Checpos provide you such a cloud pos software that enable you to enjoy all the benefits of maximum profits and customer loyalty. It has many awesome features that inclined will your business to higher ranks.

Features of a Good POS Software (Infographics)

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Most Important Features of Quick Services POS Software

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Quick services pos software operators are keener than ever for POS solutions that do more than simply practice payments and vendors are responding with a diverse variety of options. While some features of the newest quick services POS software can be deliberated “nice to have,” others are more vital to success in an increasingly competitive market. Let’s have a look at three features that all quick services POS software should have it.

Easy conversational Ordering

Restaurant customers want just that quick service. Conversely, moving clients through the queue in swift amount of time isn’t always possible with quick services POS software that lack an easy conversational ordering feature. Without this ordering, employees must follow a specific structure of screens and order options, which sometimes forces them to disturb customers, ask them to replicate parts of their orders, or delete and re-enter the info.

With easy conversational ordering as a component of quick services POS software, orders can be altered instead of deletion, and employees can enter points of multiple orders or combinations without back tracking or interfering customers.

Customer Loyalty Programs

In order to offer complete gift card programs that make it informal for customers to check their gift card balances and re-load their cards in-store, restaurants must leverage pos software. When quick services POS software are leveraged to implement customer loyalty programs, these programs can be finished more appealing by automatically “pushing out” special prizes to diners’ mobile phones and/or mail addresses, as well as by bountiful customers real-time access to information about their accounts.

Wide Reporting Capability

Whether workers run one quick service restaurant or numerous locations, understanding current restaurant performance is essential to sustaining the sharpest possible competitive edge and guarantees the success. With wide reporting capability as a component of their quick services POS software, restaurant operatives have access to a complete “picture” of their business.

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How Restaurant POS Software help to Secure your Inventory

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For restaurant business, keeping the tight inventory and minimum product loss is the key to success. As like other business, the trustworthiness and competence of your employees will make or sometimes break not only the system but your whole business. Facing inherently high turnover rate in the restaurant business, it is essential to provide your employees with the tools and training’s that are required to continue their jobs, to make certain that they can operate the tools properly.

Modern technology has made the inventory management more loss preventing than ever before. It help you to have a deep insight to actual reports that are generated by restaurant pos software. Here are some of the ways that can tell is how restaurant pos software help us to prevent our inventory.

Understand the need of the business

It is noticed that the weekend days are the peak days of the data volume, but being able to observe and compare figures, not only for every day of the week, similarly for every shift of each day, is more fool proof way of monitoring your restaurant product cost and their relation to actual sales. Restaurant pos software will help you to monitor all these observations with a single click.

Accurate Accounting

As a restaurant owner, you always try such a tool that can keep waste down. Restaurant pos software can make your inventory far easier and help you to maintain your profits to maximum level. There are many vendors that can reliably use different components and tools to manage their inventories. But depending on your requirements those tool can cross your budget limit.

One of the most convoluted and tedious task in restaurant management is Inventory and Stock Management. Any sort of mistake in this will prompt an overflowing of disarray in all offices. Stock management and advance inventory of pos software is a stickler for detail which lets you proficiently deal with the stock, diminish wastage and track things. The propel tracking and reports stay up with the date of stock levels and see the fluctuating requests in your store, taking into consideration a better cost sparing choices.

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Key Features of Retail POS Software that Modernize your Business

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Most of the retailers always operates on tight margins, and have many constant moving objects. This become difficult to manage the efficiency when using manual methods. A retail pos software is a great tool to accomplish all these objects while helping to ensure customer satisfaction, but the right point of sale software for a small business has no easy feat.

These are the most necessity pos software features that our system have. These features can streamline your business and enable you to lead towards positive customer experience.

Data Transparency

Sales reporting and analytics permits you to catch and break down your store’s business information. Not exclusively does this automatically monitor what’s selling admirably, it also demonstrates how much income you’re making on each item. This allows you to recognize and concentrate on driving sales to your top money making products.

Customer Management

Customer management abilities empower the retailers to proactively expand the amount of amazing clients. Our applications gather information on your clients’ purchase histories, and allows you to distinguish your most important customers based on their spending’s. This integrate an extra layer of transparency that retailers without POS software basically can’t acquire.

HR Management

Despite the fact that it can be not entirely obvious, employee management is a key factor of a well-run retail business. At the base, employee management capacities, for example, move planning and time tickers, monitor the hour’s workers are working. More propelled pos software can likewise dole out deals commissions to workers. Significant advantages of these applications incorporate their capacity to decrease overhead and to give workers simple access to their schedules.

Inventory Management

Managing the quality and quantity of the onsite inventory plays a vital role in the success of your retail store. Our inventory management feature gives you a dashboard window into your stock view that will enable you to track and eliminate the inefficiencies, such as manual inventory counting, and data digging for a specific item.

Payroll system

This is the last but not the least entry that seems obvious, and the software and hardware supporting the checkout processes will definitely warranty its monitoring. Since the checkout serves as a primary interaction between retailer and customer, it’s very critical that nothing goes wrong at this point. A point of sale software reduces this potential of human error by automatic checkouts.

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Important factors to consider while choosing POS Software

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Whether you’re a new to retail business environment or have some experience in this field of business but setting up and run a business store efficiently and effectively, is not just a cup of tea. There are many key operational processes that need to get in your place before you cruise. The good news is that with a sharp rise in the technological solution has made his way faster than ever before.

Among every one of the advances technologies, the most foaming would be a phenomenal ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) software that addresses your necessities and makes process easier and swift. Before purchasing a point of sale software it’s imperative to scour out some essential elements.

Some of the important features of point of sale software you have to consider:

Ease of Use

Things need to move rapidly. A moderate software can rankle to both you and the customer. While speed is likewise identified with usability, a basic easy to understand retail pos software where the user can explore easily, have a tremendous effect and guaranteed productivity for the store.

Payment Processing

The most key part of your software ought to be an integrated payroll solution to acknowledge any sort of payments like money, card, vouchers, and portable wallet. Tolerating a wide range of payroll helps you remain in front of rivalry and never pass up a major opportunity for a deal.

Cloud based Reporting and Analytics:

Accurate business intelligence supports business development by giving access to provide details regarding deals, things, and customers. Search for a software that gives such analysis across date. Access to the data analytics ought to be continuous data information, and enable to access from any place all around.

E-commerce Support:

Hunt for software that would naturally help you begin offering on the web and interact with customers over online marketplaces. When it comes to assembling a POS software you must have all the correct components will be definitely justified even despite the cost in time.

To keep all things in mind we offer you a best product that possess all the above features that support retailer and customer at the same time and provide best working experience. It has all the functionalities that are mentioned above and also have more to facilitate the retailer to earn maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

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Why your business need POS Software (Infographics)